New training project: Training of Organic Farming, Certification, and Trade

Project: Education to minimize the use of plastics and chemicals in Vietnam, funded by University of Barcelona, Spain.

Project Identification Number: ESQ0818002H

Project leader: Dr Estela Gutierrez Rodriguez

Implementing organization: Mekong Organics PTY LTD (Australia)

  1. Dr Van Kien Nguyen, Director of Mekong Organics, administered team leader
  2. Mr Alan Broughton, organic agriculture trainer
  3. Mr Van Thai Nguyen, training facilitator
  4. Mr Le Ngoc Hiep, training facilitator
  5. Mr Tan Dat Pham, translator
  6. Mr Minh Dang Nguyen, training facilitator
  7. Mr Hoang Han Nguyen, translator & soil advisor
  8. Mrs Tu Thi Tuyet Nhung, trainer
  9. Mr Tran Cong Danh, infographic trainer
  10. Dr Pham Huu Tai, marketing communication trainer

The course is offered free to students and fieldtrip is covered by the project!

Donors and Partners:



This course aims to provide basic and practical knowledge of designing and operating organic farming practices, processing and trade for farmers, students, and business in the Mekong Delta Region, HCM City and Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Target audiences

This course is designed for undergraduate students in the fields of anthropology at University of Social Sciences and Humanity-Vietnam National University-HCM City, and agriculture, plant protection, and rural development at Dong Thap Community College, Kien Giang University, An Giang University, Can Tho University and Tay Nguyen University (Central Highlands)

Class size: up to 100 students

Period from 22 July to 29 August 2021

Condition: Students must participate in 100 % (21 sections) will be provided the certificate of participation, by Mekong Organics PTY LTD (Australia). If students missed one section, they would not receive the certificate!

Project team members:

  1. Dr Estela

Training Agenda

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10

11. Lecture 11

12. Lecture 12

13. Lecture 13

14. Lecture 14

15. Lecture 15

15. Organic farming projects: Experience in the Mekong River Delta

16. Organic Food Processing 1

17. Art design and branding for agriculture products

18. Marketing communication & international trade for organic foods and agriculture

18. Regulatory Implosion in the science of law

19. Practical experiences/case studies

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