Our Team

Dr Van Kien Nguyen – Director

Dr Van Kien Nguyen received two Australian Award Scholarships (AAS) to undertake his Master course in Environmental Management & Development (2005-2006) and PhD in Sociology (2008-2012) at the Australian National University (ANU). He received the Luc Hoffmann Institute (LHI) Research Fellowship to undertake a 2 year (2014-2016) postdoctoral research on sustainable rice based farming systems at the ANU. https://luchoffmanninstitute.org/fellows/meet-our-fellows/kien-van-nguyen/ 

Kien is the pioneer to promote the conservation of floating rice based agroecological farming systems in the Mekong Region and Myanmar. The project was funded by the Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund, led by Prof Jamie Pittock (ANU Fenner School & Society) and co-led by Dr Van Kien Nguyen, a research fellow in agrocology at ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society (2017-2019) https://www.mitsui.com/jp/en/sustainability/contribution/environment/fund/results/1224468_7406.html 

Kien joined National Association of Sustaianble Agriculture Australia (NASAA) in 2017 and Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS) in 2018 as a member. He is also affilicated with Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia, and Organic Trust Australia- Research and Education (OTARE). He is developing a network of organic growers, researchers, NGOs and research institutions working in organic agriculture movement in Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan (MingDao University and organic agriculture association), South Korea, Japan (Asia Rural Institute), China, the Phillipines (PGS), Thailand, Cambodia (WCS, Ibis Rice), Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, IFOAM-Asia, USA, UK, Switzerland, India, Iran, and Netherland.


Dr Daniel Gilfillan – Co-founder

Kien’s initiation of the Mekong Organics Platform was supported by co-founder, Dr Daniel Gilfillan. Daniel has experience establishing socially responsible programs and organisations in Southeast Asia. He is keenly interested in sustainable and organic agriculture, and the role it plays in people’s health and well-being. By identifying and working with organic entrepreneurs in the Mekong, and by linking them with Australian organic farmers, Kien and Daniel are hoping to accelerate the development of organic agriculture in the Mekong region.

Mr Alan Broughton – Adviser

Mr Alan Broughton has been involved with Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) since 1985 in various roles including editor and education officer, and currently the vice president of OAA in Bairsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria Region, Australia. He wrote Australia’s first organic farming diploma course and taught it for 15 years. He worked for nine years until retirement for Australian Landscape Trust at an organic beef farm doing research into grazing management and soil carbon sequestration. Other jobs included nursery work, gardening grounds and bouts at fruit picking, shop assistant work and uploading goods trains. Alan has written and contributed to several books and has produced over 100 articles on biological agriulture and rural issues. Alan has been to organic farms in Cuba, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Italy and South Korea. He will involve with the Mekong Orgnaics as principal research advisor and organic agriculture educator.



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