1. Research Centre for Rural Development (RCRD)- An Giang University

RCRD supports hosting international events, forums, workshop and undertaking organic farming practices in the South of Vietnam and provide expertises to implement the programs and activities in Vientam.


2. Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS), Canberra ACT Australia.

Kien is a full member of COGS. COGS offered organic farm visit and practices.


3. Randall Organic Rice in NSW region Australia.

Radall Organic Rice offered field visit for Vietnamese farmers.


4. The Mill House Ventures Limited, University of Canberra.

The Mill House Ventures mentors Mekong Organics PTY LTD to develop a business model and advises to apply for being an accredited social enterprise.


5. Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT), ANU-ACT-CSIRO.

Mekong Organics recevied mentor support on CSIRO Prime program through CEAT.


6. Tu Hao’s floating rice Farm in Vinh Phuoc Commune of Tri Ton District, An Giang province

Tu Hao’s floating rice Farm will host training and field visit about floating rice-based agroecological farming system in the Mekong Delta.

Photo: A corner of the floating rice ago-ecological farming in the Mekong Delta

7. Vietnam-Australia Permaculture Farm.

The Vietnam-Australia Permaculture Farm is designed using the combined knowledge of integrated farming system (Vuon-Ao-Chuong-Ruong: Garden-pond-pen-fields) from the Mekong Delta and permaculture farm from Australian context. This farm aims to support local kids, yuong farmers, and school teachers to exchange and practice organic and permaculture farming to protect local ecosystems, environment and provide safe food for children, women, households and communities. The farm is built on the private farm at the family of Dr Van Kien Nguyen, who grew up in this land. wishes to contribute his skills and knowledge to suport his family and the communities. The farm includes rice fields, coconut trees (chemical free), babana, eucaluptus, mango, jact fruit, native leave vegetables, wild fish, flowers.

Map of the Vietnam-Australia Permaculture Farm, in Thien Nhon Hamlet, Thuan Hung Commune, My Tu District, Soc Trang Province, Vietnam


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