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About Mekong Organics

Mekong Organics is posited in the Capital City of Australia, Canberra. It is a 10-minute drive to the University of Canberra (UC), the top 10 in Australia, and a 15-minute drive to the Australian National University (ANU), the top 1 of the Australian Universities, and CSIRO (the top innovation centre of Australia) and remarkably close to the Embassy Areas where Embassy of many countries are located. This is an excellent resource for networking and innovation outreach. Mekong Organics has been networked with these organizations to deliver innovative educational programs to promote sustainable agriculture-nutrition-health and climate-resilient agriculture for Southeast Asia.

Mekong Organics PTY LTD, a registered company under the Corporation ACT 2001 and is taken to be registered in ACT, with its principal office at 35 Victor Chang Street, Macgregor, Canberra ACT, Australia, hereinafter referred to as “Mekong Organics”. The Australian Company Number is 632786184, registered on the eighth day of April 2019. Dr Van Kien Nguyen is the Director of the Mekong Organics. Our core visiting members are from different countries: Australia, Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries, and Europe.

Our vision is for Mekong Organics to become a prestigious direction for small-scale farmers, small-medium enterprises, and community-led initiatives in the Mekong region. Mekong Organics is to enrich the well-being of many people by transforming applicable scientific information, delivering interactive digital education and facilitating cultural connections so that we inspire organic farmers, communities,  traders and consumers.

Our mission Mekong Organics is dedicated to Informing applicable scientific information and knowledge of food production, certification, and consumption to many people. Undertaking research and training in organic food production, certification, trade, nutrition and health interactively for farmers, traders, communities and consumers. Connecting people and people, enterprises to enterprises, communities to communities and country to country.

Key foundation’s activities:

  1. Undertake research for development in sustainable agriculture-nutrition-health and climate-resilient agriculture and food system.
  2. Share knowledge, skills, and practices about global organic agriculture.
  3. Promote scientific research on organic agriculture in the Mekong countries.
  4. Link the Australian Organic Agriculture market with Vietnam, Mekong countries and Southeast Asia.
  5. Provide platform for farmers, students, private sectors, and government extension staffs to share their organic farming practices.
  6. Provide short training courses for farmers, students, business and local government and community on organic farming practices, value chain, valued added processing and business skills for growers.
  7. Host local, national, international workshops and regional forums on organic agriculture research and development in the Mekong region
  8. Consult international organic certifications (NASAA/NCO, USDA/EU/JAS) for growers, grower groups, and processors.
  9. Organize study tours on organic agriculture in Vietnam and Australia.

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