Memoradum of Understanding

  1. Mekong Organics PTY LTD and partner organisations have complementary objectives and a mutual desire to collaborate in a number of areas to pursue sustainable agriculture education, training, and organic agriculture research objectives.
  2. In order to implement these complementary objectives, Mekong Organics PTY LTD and partner organisations shall:
    • Collaborate in undertaking programs, projects, trainings, conferences, workshops and other related activities whenever and wherever feasible opportunities present themselves.
    • Exchange scientific materials, publications, information, and expertise in promoting organic farming, certification and marketing.
    • Execute separate agreements in writing for any particular undertaking jointly implemented, wherein a sharing of responsibilities shall be specified.
  3. This Memorandum shall remain in force for a period of five (5) years from the date of signing by the authorized representatives of the parties hereto. It shall be extended for another five (5) years, unless either party gives written notice as provided in Paragraph 4 of this Memorandum to terminate the agreement at least six (6) months prior to the expiration date.
  4. This Memorandum may not be modified except upon the mutual written agreement of the parties herein.
  5. All notices and other communications from either party to the other shall be in English writing and shall be deemed received upon actual delivery or completed facsimile addressed to the other party.


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