Training in organic food production, certification and trade & Forum (Tập huấn về sản xuất, chứng nhận và thương mại thực phẩm hữu cơ)

The project will conduct training for the Vietnam organic agriculture industry (200 participants: farmers, cooperatives, business, government staffs, associations and women in Vietnam) about organic food production, certification and trade using experience from the Australian and Vietnamese organic agriculture industry, with the aim of scaling up bilateral trade in this sector. Project partners are most welcome, followed by the staff of the invited Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, invited businesses and cooperatives. Two participants are encouraged to join from each organization (a senior manager and a technician or practical staff). Other participants who are not listed as partners, will be considered to include in the program as we can extend to 250 participants (shortlisted candidates). We also offer Livestreams at the time of training, so participants can join through LIVESTREAM at

Training program in Vietnamese (Chương trình tập huấn tiếng Việt)

Training program (English)

Opening Day for the Training in Organic Food Production, Certification and Trade, 01st Nov 2021


Chapter 1: Section 1.1 (Chương 1, bài 1): Global, regional, national and local organic agriculture movement

Location of the participants from Vietnam & Australia

We received registration from over 250 participants across Vietnam, who are farmers, cooperatives, businesses, associations, groups and government officials in Vietnam

Map of participants
Map of participants
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