New project: Teaching English to students and adults

Being successful in English Speaking Teaching for rural kids in the Mekong Delta with a native English speaker via zoom, Mekong Organics is honoured to welcome Mr Ron McConnell, an experienced English teacher from Sydney, Australia. He has lived in Vietnam for several years. Ron has excellent experience in teaching English to international students in Sydney. He will spend 1 hr helping our students to practice pronunciation and speaking, hosted by a member of Mekong Organics, Mr Le Ngoc Hiep. Hiep is a university lecturer who grew up in the remote area of An Giang province, Mekong Delta. Hiep received an Australian Development Scholarship to study for a Master of Public Health and Nutrition at Flinders University. He thrives on helping colleagues improve their English and seek scholarships to study overseas.

Consequently, this project is developed.

With a network of friends, Dr Van Kien Nguyen received support from Ron for this initiative. Mekong Organics wishes to continue offering the best English-speaking training for rural kids in Vietnam. We are offering a free training course for them.

We use our teamwork and resource for development.

We will seek more native English speakers to volunteer for the Learning English with native English speakers program.

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