Participated in the IFOAM World Organic Congress, India, Nov 2017

Dr Van Kien Nguyen, particiated in the IFOAM Organic World Congress in New Delhi, India, November 2017. He met organic growers, private sectors, researchers, NGOs, and governments from different countries. This is an important event that attracted more than 2000 participants. There were several sections on research, development, practices and marketing as well as display on global organic agriculture movement. Kien collected many latest research findings on organic agriculture research, interacted with IFOAM members from Japan, Aisa, Europe, and Australia.

Mekong Orgnaics hosted seminar on organic agriculture, shared by Asia Rural Institute (ARI) and RCRD

In September 2017, Mr Micah Anderson from Asia Rural Institute (ARI) visited the organic growers in the South of Vietnam, hosted by Dr Kien and his team at Research Center for Rural Development (An Giang University). Mr Micah shared his experience in promoting organic agriculture in Japan (ARI) and the US to over 50 participants from various parts of the Mekong Delta. They are students, researchers, lecturers from vocational colleges and universities. Mr Micah also introduced the rural leader scholarship program at ARI and encouraged students and farmers to apply for this program. In 2015, RCRD sent one staff to undertake 9 months of organic farming at ARI. ARI and RCRD have established a long-term partnership to promote exchange in organic agriculture between Vietnam and Japan.

What is ORGANIC 3.0?

Organic 1.0 was started by our numerous pioneers, who observed the problems with the direction that agriculture was taking at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and saw the need for a radical change.

Organic 2.0 started in the 1970s when the writings and agricultural systems developed by our pioneers were codified into standards and then later into legally-mandated regulatory systems.

Organic 3.0 is about bringing organic out of its current niche into the mainstream and positioning organic systems as part of the multiple solutions needed to solve the tremendous challenges faced by our planet and our species.


The Future Policy Awards celebrate policies that create better living conditions for current and future generations. Each year, the awards identify one topic on which policy progress is particularly urgent to raise global awareness for exemplary policies and speed up policy action. This year, the theme is agroecology. Scaling up agroecology is key to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. World Leaders and the UN General Assembly recognise the potential of agroecology to achieve healthy nutrition for all and to address social injustice, climate change and biodiversity loss